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How does the Great Hearts Award work?

The Great Hearts Community uses funding from companies, foundations, and individuals to make Great Hearts Awards possible. Great Hearts Community members are then given the opportunity to select the causes that they think should be supported. By connecting people’s knowledge of worthy causes with sponsored funding, Great Hearts is able to ensure that 100% of the award funds contributed go directly to nonprofits.

While the Great Hearts Award is underway, every Award Clicklet you give to an organization is worth $1 to that cause. You may place all your clicklets on one cause or you may give them to several. The award period ends when 1000 clicklets have been given, or at midnight on Monday, September 30.

Donate anytime via personal Award Clicklets

Whether it's $5 or $50, giving via personal award clicklets ensures the entire amount you contribute goes to the causes you want to support. It's 100% giving--no fees are taken out. Questions? Visit the FAQs for more information or click the little green smiley guy in the bottom right of your screen to chat with us directly.