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Culture Aid Nola is a collaborative relief effort of several New Orleans area nonprofits serving culture and hospitality workers. CAN is focused on directing aid towards the underserved members of these communities who might have difficulty accessing aid through traditional channels.

CAN is no barrier aid. There are no tax forms, proof of lost income, or ID required to receive help from any CAN program.

CAN also provides Medicaid access navigation through our partners at 504 Health Net. CAN also works in advocacy and monetary aid navigation for musicians and artists through our partners at MACCNO. Our partners at the Musician’s Clinic disseminate verified reliable health information.

CAN is committed to serving our communities throughout the COVID-19 crises. Culture and hospitality workers make up ~40% of New Orleans tax base, and well over 100,000 workers. This crisis will have a disproportionate effect on our city. CAN recognizes the need for long term support for our communities. If faced with a lack of support, these workers so vital to our city’s economy might be forced to seek jobs elsewhere.

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