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FLASH GRANT – Feed Your Community 🍎🥕🌽🥗🍆🍇

May 04, 2022 -

In the United States, nearly 13.8 million households, including 1 in 5 children, suffer from food insecurity—not having sufficient food, or food of adequate quality, to meet one's basic needs. For these neighbors in need, hunger is their "constant companion." Local food banks and outreach programs play a critical role in fighting hunger. These organizations bring volunteers together to make a difference in the lives of the people they help as well as their own lives. To read about some of these volunteer efforts, click here. 


The Feed Your Community flash grant supports six hunger relief organizations that have been recommended by Great Hearts Community members--Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Liberty's Kitchen, Northern Illinois Food Bank, People's Resource Center (Westmont), Street Angels, and The Friendship Center. 


The FLASH GRANT STARTS NOW! You have 72 HOURS to vote. Each vote becomes a $5 contribution. Funding is provided by the Great Hearts Community Giving Circle. A total of $1,000 is available to grant!  



Tap on the Flash Grant Clicklet 
to vote for the Feed Your Community Flash Grant. 


How the Feed Your Community Flash Grant works:        

1) Tap on the link above to help award grants to causes. 

2) Each nonprofit listed was recommended by a Great Hearts Community member through the nomination process held earlier in April 2022. 

3) To learn more about each group, tap on the link shown under each nonprofit logo on the voting form. 

4) Vote for the cause(s) that you think should receive grant funding from the Great Hearts giving circle. 

5) Each vote turns into a $5 donation (grant). 

6) A total of $1,000 is available to be granted.  

7) After filling out the form, hit "Submit" to complete the voting process. 


8) The google form will be open for 72 hours starting on May 5, 2022, 10 am Central time, and ending on May 8, 2022, 10 am Central time. 





The Great Hearts Community is the giving circle funded by GHI governWell™. We are dedicated to bringing people together to take small actions for good. Since 2017, our giving community has helped over 350 causes and have taken more than 400,000 actions for good. Join us in making a difference.  





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