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Introducing Flash Grants

Apr 06, 2022 -

Every day, in thousands of communities across the U.S. and the world, people come together to lend a helping hand to neighbors, friends, family, and causes they believe in. These caring efforts are a burst (flash) of good in a world that experiences far too much devastation. The Great Hearts Community aims to impactfully support community-based caring, by collectively awarding grants and drawing on the experienced knowledge of our members and the public when selecting nonprofits to receive financial support.  


April marks the launch of a new type of grant for our community – flash grants! Focused on specific categories of nonprofits, we strive to be inclusive and diverse in the causes that are supported. First, flash grant eligible causes will be nominated. Then grants will be awarded based on 72 hours of virtual voting that follows later this month and in May.  


The first three categories – each with its own special flash grant – are environmental causes, food and water programs, and health care programs. If you have a nonprofit to recommend in one of the categories, we would love to hear from you. Nominate by clicking below and entering the name of an organization in the section that corresponds to that flash grant. If you have nonprofits to recommend for all three categories, great! We welcome them all! 


Here's how it works:       

1) Tap on the Nominate Clicklet above to go to the Nominate form.       

2) There are four sections in which you can nominate; the first three are for the upcoming flash grants and their respective categories, and the last is for the next Great Hearts Award in June.  

3) Recommend a cause in any, or all, section(s). Nonprofits nominated for the flash grant must correspond to that category to be considered, while any nonprofit can be recommended for the next Great Hearts Award.  

4) After filling out the form, hit "Submit" to complete the nomination. 

5) Tune into our Facebook and Instagram profiles for the first flash grant, starting April 21st!  





The Great Hearts Community is the giving circle funded by GHI governWell™. We are dedicated to bringing people together to take small actions for good. Since 2017, our giving community has helped over 350 causes and have taken more than 400,000 actions for good. Join us in making a difference.






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