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Nominate A Cause That Inspires You

Aug 12, 2021 -

The dedication of volunteers and their efforts through nonprofit causes is awe-inspiring. Throughout August, we are accepting nominations for our Fall Great Hearts Award. One thousand awards will be available for you to help give starting on September 2nd. 


Do you have a favorite cause? Is there a nonprofit that inspires you? Nominate the group by tapping on the clicklet shown below. 

For an awe moment, click here to see over 400 causes that Great Hearts Community members have nominated and supported in the past.      



Tap on the nominate clicklet to get started. 

Tell us about a nonprofit group you would like to see supported. 


Looking for causes to nominate? 


Past Great Hearts Award Nominees > 







The Great Hearts Community is the giving circle funded by GHI governWell™. We are dedicated to bringing people together to take small actions for good. Since 2017, our giving community has helped over 350 causes and have taken more than 400,000 actions for good. Join us in making a difference. 



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