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Who Do You Nominate?

May 05, 2021 -

This is one of our community's favorite times of the year—asking about your favorite nonprofit causes. Share your nominations for the next Great Hearts Award. The causes you tell us about will be the ones we feature!  


Take a moment to reflect on a nonprofit cause working towards an impactful goal or change you wish to see in the world. Then, click on the nominate clicklet below and share the name of the group. A few words about the cause you recommend would be helpful too. 


The Great Hearts Award will be held on June 3rd. Mark your calendars! 



Tap on the nominate clicklet to get started. 

Tell us about a nonprofit group you would like to see supported. 


Want some ideas for causes to nominate? 



Here is a list of nonprofits that received Great Hearts grants in the past.> 








The Great Hearts Community is the giving circle funded by GHI governWell™. We are dedicated to bringing people together to take small actions for good. Since 2017, our giving community has helped over 350 causes and have taken more than 400,000 actions for good. Join us in making a difference.




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